Much has happened since the last issue of the _Outlook went to press.
In fact, the summer has been so eventful that there wasn't even time to put
together a newsletter.  If you look at the front cover, you'll notice,
among other things, that our President is now Marcia Nigro Dresser.  Marcia
and I were married on August 2nd at the Universalist-Unitarian Church of
West Hartford.  According to all reports, it was a beautiful wedding, and
everyone, especially the bride and groom, had a great time at the reception

     You may also notice the appearance of several e-mail addresses,
including that of CCB's Web site.  Norm Banta is compiling a list of CCB
members who use e-mail, and I hope that those of you who do will give him
your e-mail addresses so he can add them to the list.  I will publish
updated versions of the list in this newsletter as they become available.

     Finally, if you've been concerned about the lack of convention-related
information in the last few issues of the _Outlook, you'll be relieved to
find that in this issue, we'll talk about little else.  In addition to an
update on our upcoming convention, you'll see a summary of our fall, 1996
convention minutes, as well as the entire minutes of last spring's
convention.  Since there's plenty here to keep you busy, I'll conclude by
saying that I hope to see all of you at the Howard Johnson's in Hamden.
Let's make this one the biggest and best convention CCB has ever had!

              --Steve Dresser

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