By now, you have all received your convention notices.  Here are some
more details.

     Game Night, hosted by Shirley Phelon, will consist of Bingo (with
prizes), Scrabble, and several card games.  Feel free to bring along decks
of cards, or any other of your favorite games.  The more, the merrier!  The
room will be available starting at 8:00 Friday evening.  The games will
begin as soon as enough people arrive, so come on over as soon as you've
checked in to your room.

     We'll begin promptly at 9:00 on Saturday morning with a presentation
by BESB Executive Director Ken Tripp.  Carol Taylor, Director of LBPH, and
Mary Clare Quirk, Executive Director of CRIS, will also speak to us on
Saturday.  Nolan Crabb, editor of "The Braille Forum," will be with us
Saturday and Sunday, and will speak at our Saturday evening banquet.  On
Sunday morning, Jane French will tell us about outreach programs at CIB/Oak
Hill School.  Our panelists for "Blind People in Business" are Ann Morris,
Ellen Telker, and Dave Bates.  Guide Dog Users of Connecticut (GDUCT) will
hold its first official meeting late Saturday afternoon.

     We are happy to have Ann Morris return to our convention with her
great products.  She'll arrive just before lunch on Saturday, and be with
us until shortly before the banquet.  If there are specific products you'd
like Ann to bring, please call her at (800) 454-3175.

     In an effort to make our convention more enjoyable, we've decided to
try a somewhat different format.  Instead of holding one long business
meeting, we will conduct our business during several short intervals
throughout Saturday, and on Sunday morning.  After the convention, please
let us know what you think of this approach.  We're looking forward to
seeing you.

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