I always start compiling each issue of this newsletter with the
    panicky feeling that there won't be enough material to fill it.
     Despite my anxiety, I've never actually come up short, and this issue
    is no exception. In addition to all that's happening in CCB, some
    significant changes are taking place at the ACB national office, and I
    would be shirking my responsibility as your editor if I didn't report
    them to you.  So if your mailman complains about an unusually heavy
    package, you'll know that your information-packed fall CCB _Outlook has
    finally arrived.

     We're rapidly approaching a significant moment in CCB history.  No, I
    don't mean our fall convention--we have one every year, and another one
    in the spring.  They're certainly fun, but not necessarily significant.
     The event I'm referring to is the election we hold every two years to
    pick a new board of directors.  It is an important event because it
    gives each of us a chance to exercise direct control over CCB in two
    important ways. First, of course, we can vote in the election.  Second,
    we can run for office.  For most of us, that's a difficult choice to
    make because it involves a long-term commitment and a lot of hard work.
     On the other hand, serving on the board is an excellent way to shape
    the course CCB will follow for at least the next two years.  Even if
    you're happy with the way CCB is running now, there's always room for
    new ideas and a fresh perspective.  As you'll see in the following
    pages, there's a lot going on, but there's also lots more we can do.
     So if you've been sitting quietly on the sidelines, hoping that
    somehow someone will make things happen, I urge you to step forward and
    get directly involved.  You just might be surprised at the difference
    you can make.

                             --Steve Dresser

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