by Paul Edwards

     At a telephone conference Board meeting  on Tuesday September 8th the
    Board of Directors of the American Council of the Blind confirmed the
    President's recommendation as the new Executive Director of the
    American Council of the Blind.

     I am very pleased to announce that we have been able to persuade Mr.
    Charles Crawford, the current Commissioner for the Blind from the state
    of Massachusetts to assume   the post of Executive Director for the
    American Council of the Blind.

     Mr. Crawford has long been an advocate for blind people. He has
    recently completed a term as President of the National Council of State
    Agencies Serving the Blind. He is the author of several speech friendly
    programs which he made available free to people who are blind.  He
    brings a wealth of experience and talent to the position. While it will
    be several weeks before he will be able to begin to work in Washington,
    he will be attending our next scheduled Board meeting in Chicago on the
    19th of September so as to become more familiar with our Board members
    and our issues.

     Charlie is one of the founding members of the Bay State Council of the
    Blind and is an active participant on our ACB list-serve.

     Oral Miller will still be working until our new Executive Director is
    familiar with our office procedures.

     I hope that all of you will join me in congratulating Mr. Crawford on
    his new job. I believe that Charlie is just the sort of dynamic leader
    who can provide the strong central leadership that ACB needs as we move
    toward the 21st century.

     Let me take this opportunity  to thank the members of the search
    committee who helped me make this difficult decision.

     You will hear much more about Charlie Crawford in the days and weeks
    to come.

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