by Pam Garde

     Hello, and a very Happy New Year to each of you!  I hope the holidays
have treated you well.  Now, on to business.

     Thank you, Shirley Phelon, for your thoughts on how to arrange a room.

     "When I arrange a room," says Shirley, "the first thing I do is to sit
in that room.  I need complete silence without any distractions.  I
visualize the room in my mind's eye and then in my mind start moving
furniture around in different ways.  If I'm questioning if a piece would
look better here or there, it helps me to walk around the room checking
distance between two doors or from the end of a window to the corner.  I
take all the time I need, and I don't move one stick of furniture until I
am completely comfortable with what I think would look nice."

     According to Shirley, pictures, knickknacks, and other decorations can
add variety to any room.  "When I change pictures, knickknacks, etc.,"
continues Shirley, "this is done at my leisure.  Although I may take
several days to change a picture, for example, it sure saves a lot of

     Once again, thanks, Shirley, for your advice.

                                   * * *

     With the new year comes a new topic.  Independence does not only mean
arranging and labeling, but also what to do in situations when on the
street.  This question may require some thought before answering.

     You are heading to your favorite hangout and know the route like the
back of your hand.  Although it's snowing quite hard, you dress accordingly
and go on your way.

     The falling snow makes the environment seem different, and after a
while, you become frustrated and disoriented.  A stranger appears and asks
if you need help.

     Should you accept or refuse help from this stranger?  If a ride is
offered, does this change your response?  Does the severity of the storm
influence your decision?

     Send your responses to:

Q&A for CCB,
c/o Pam Garde
92 Homestead Street
Manchester, CT 06040.

     Good luck!

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