As always, I had a great time attending the American Council of the
Blind convention, which was held in Houston from July 6 to July 12, 1997.

     All the current national officers were reelected.  The only contested
election was the one for secretary, in which Charlie Hodge unsuccessfully
challenged Cynthia Towers.

     There was a good deal of discussion about future convention planning.
In the past, the whole convention voted on the location.  However, now
hotels want commitments farther in advance.  It was explained that we have
lost some good deals because the national office has been unable to make
the decision about booking hotels.  Although there was some very vocal
opposition, the whole convention will no longer vote on convention
locations.  Beginning with the 2000 convention, sites will be selected by a
convention committee.  Next year's convention will be held in Orlando,
Florida, and we voted to hold the 1999 convention in Los Angeles,

     Of course, numerous resolutions were adopted, and we heard a lot of
speakers.  There are always dynamic people, such as scholarship winners, to
meet, and you really find out what issues are hot for blind people. I have
a set of convention tapes which I would be glad to lend to anyone who wants
to hear what a national convention is really like.

     Unfortunately, due to some confusion about the requirements, the
Connecticut chapter of Guide Dog Users did not become affiliated with the
national organization.  We hope to have everything done by the '98

     Thank you for allowing me to be your delegate at the '97 ACB
convention.  In addition to learning a lot, there was plenty of time for

              Respectfully submitted,

              Ellen M. Telker

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