The Mid-Tennessee Council of the Blind, an ACB affiliate, is designing
a quilt which will be raffled off each year at the ACB national convention.
Each affiliate has been asked to design a square depicting an aspect of its
history or philosophy.  The quilt is intended as a combined fundraiser for
the Mid-Tennessee Council, ACB, and other participating affiliates.  CCB's
name, logo, and slogan will appear on one square of the quilt.  Every year
at the national convention, the winner of the raffle will share the
proceeds with ACB and the Mid-Tennessee Council, and have the privilege of
keeping the quilt for one year.  When interest in this project wanes, the
quilt will be displayed permanently in the ACB national office.

     CCB can benefit from this fundraiser in two ways.  First, our name and
logo will be seen by people around the country.  Second, we have the
opportunity to win some money.

                                   * * *

     Vision Dynamics, at 470 West Main Street in Cheshire, carries a
variety of products of interest to blind and visually impaired people.  For
more information, call (203) 271-1944.

                                   * * *

     On may 21, BESB will sponsor a Career Day for blind and visually
impaired junior high and high school students.  Participants will have the
opportunity to learn about many careers, and to meet successful blind
college students and working adults.  Several employers will also be

     If you have any suggestions for topics, or "tricks of the trade" which
could benefit these students, please contact Marcia Dresser toll-free at
(800) 842-4510 extension 2221, or (860) 249-8525 extension 2221 in the
Hartford area.

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